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Blanket Wool Insulation

Insulation material for walls and ceilings is available in wool blanket form.

It is available for installation into the walls and ceilings of buildings.

Due to varying dimensions in stud and joist sizes, particularly in older homes, material is manufactured in blanket form.

For Walls, the product can very easily be torn by hand in a horizontal direction, thereby enabling exact fits in situations where the installer is faced with non standard dimensions.

For Ceilings, the material is rolled out between the joists.

Material is safe and healthy and requires no protective clothing for handling or installing.


Ceiling insulation is supplied in Blanket form.

Standard Ceiling thermal Value is manufactured to R3.2.

Please contact our office for thermal values, dimensions and pricing.


Wall Blanket is supplied at thermal ratings of R2.2, and R2.4. at 580mm standard width.

Narrow wall cavities (50mm) can be accommodated with a thermal ratings of R1.2.

Product can also be manufactured to individual specification if volumes of 120 sq m or more are required.

Please contact our office for details of thermal values, dimensions and pricing.

Wool Blanket products have been tested and accredited by BRANZ.

Material can be installed by yourself, builder or home handy man.

This product takes advantage of the unique features of natural wool fibre such as strength, durability, bulk and resilience. These features ensure that material maintains its loft and shape especially after packaging and installation compression. This means that the thermal rating of the insulation is consistant with its tested rating.

Please refer to our Benefits of Wool page for the properties and characteristics associated with wool in insulation

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