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Supa-Fill Machine Blown Wool Insulation

Supa-Fill is a natural wool fibre lofted insulation that has been treated and processed to provide a cost effective efficient insulation.

Supa-Fill can be installed in ceilings of homes or offices.

Supa-Fill is installed by only approved installers using a machine blowing technique that provides a full blanket effect.

Machine installation takes advantage of wools natural bonding properties ensuring that the product maintains its loft and will not shift. This provides a superior and long lasting thermal insulating performance.

Natural Wool Products operates a strict code of practice which monitors and ensures product is installed correctly by qualified Installers. This will provide a guaranteed thermal insulation rating.

Supa-Fill is sourced from a combination of scoured wool and wool recycled from the spinners of yarn for the carpet making industry.

Supa-Fill, Our machine blown natural wool fibre contains carpet wool types which means that the product in your ceiling is basicaly the same as the carpet you lay on the floor throughout your home or office. The only difference is that it has not been woven.

Unlike synthetic products, the wool fibre enables air to be trapped naturally. The unique characteristics of the fibre ensure that loft is retained resulting in an extended useful life of the material.

Supa-Fill is installed at a range of standard thermal values ranging from R2.9 to R5.0, however vertually any thermal value can be calibrated and installed.

Normally values of R3.2, R3.6 or R4.0 are installed in the North Island with R3.6, R4.0 or R5.0 installed in the South Island and the Central Plateau of the North Island.

The following are indicative of insulation densities:

  • Thermal rating of R2.6 installed to an average depth of 150mm (Basic Top Up North Island)
  • Thermal rating of R2.9 installed to an average depth of 170mm 
  • Thermal rating of R3.2 installed to an average depth of 180mm
  • Thermal rating of R3.6 installed to an average depth of 200mm
  • Thermal rating of R4.0 installed to an average depth of 230mm
  • Thermal rating of R4.5 installed to an average depth of 250mm
  • Thermal rating of R5.0 installed to an average depth of 290mm

Product Installation:

It is recommended that Supa-Fill is installed only by certified Installers. This will avoid wastage, ensure a high standard of workmanship and guarantee thermal ratings are achieved. No protective clothing is required when installing.

Heat Loss

Research has proven that insulated premises are more energy efficient and healthier than non insulated buildings.

Ceiling insulation is imperative for home comfort.

Research illustrates the average heat loss at various exit points in an non insulated building.

  • Ceiling 42%
  • Walls 24%
  • Glass 12%
  • Ventilation 12%
  • Floor 10%

Previously Installed Insulation

There are instances of decreased insulation effectiveness as a result of synthetic materials shrinking or settling. This is more pronounced when materials have been installed for a period of 10 years or more. As material settles the original thermal values diminish.

If your insulation has been installed for in excess of 10 years, it is appropriate that its effectiveness be re-assessed.


Extensive testing by Canisis, formally WRONZ (Wool Research Organisation of NZ) and BRANZ illustrate conclusively the thermal effectivness and fire retardant qualities of wool. Tests have proven that wool contains no harmful properties and will not corode or breakdown materials utilised in buildings such as plumbing or wiring.

Supa-Fill possesses advantages over Synthetic Products that Trap and Retain Moisture. Supa-Fill adapts to climate change through its ability to breath. Wool can absorb upto 30% of its own weight in dry moisture vapour without becoming damp. Unlike synthetic materials, it has the ability to release the absorbed moisture back into the atmosphere as humidity decreases. This leads to a dry healthy environment.

Genuine Sheeps Wool

Supa-Fill is genuine sheep's wool.  This is unlike some other forms of synthetic materials that make reference to "wool" such as Rockwool, Earth Wool etc.  Supa-Filll is a renewable resource produced naturally by sheep.

We use a blend of first time scoured New Zealand wool and recycled carded wool from the carpet making industry. This wool is re scoured, sanitised and moth proofed 

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